Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At Home America

At Home America is a wonderful company who has amazing house decor and more! I Love their stuff and have been able to decorate the house over the last few years from having a home party (FREE STUFF!) or going to shows! My girlfriend just got 200.00 in free product! They offer a hassle free return policy so if you do get something you don't like or is the wrong size or color..you can get your money back. They are having an a huge sale up to 80% off!

If I was thinking about going back to work I would definitely be a representative for this company! It offers flexible hours so you can still be home with your kids!

If your thinking of decorating or re-decorating and want to cut costs I think this is the way to go! You can click on the link above and it will take you to a representative!

Here is my the name and number of my representative.

Kristin Beard
At Home America
(360) 371-4030 (360) 223-3352
shop online with me anytime!

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