Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Black widows and Grapes...

I was just watching the news and it was sharing about black widows found in grapes...I had to share our story about our black widow...

About 6 months prior I had watched the news about black widows in Costco grapes. I would cringe every time I would buy grapes and pick the container after thorough inspection.

Matthew had been home from school with the chicken pox and he had asked for grapes. He put some in a bowl and 10 minutes later he had screamed that there was a spider in his grapes. I knew right away it was a black widow! He had flung his hand and the spider had landed back in the bowl. I quickly grabbed a cup and stored out friend in the cup...wrapped in 6 big Ziploc baggies and placed outside. I quickly researched the spider and found it was indeed a black widow. I waited for Jeremy to come home from work ( he was working nights) and I met him at the back door to show him this " surprise"

I went to Costco the next day with the spider...the refunded my money and simply told me that it is very common and if I buy bananas look for a tarantula spider!

The news report tonight once again confirmed that this is very common. EWE!