Tuesday, November 18, 2008


could have been the worst day of my life......

I was in the kitchen when I heard Carter John choking on something. I could see him leaned up against the tv stand. I went over to him and put my fingers in his mouth to pull out whatever it was. I could not get it. I tried again..thinking it was a barbie shoe. Carter started turning blue..then purple. I grabbed him and tried the Heimlich maneuver. It wasn't working. he wasn't breathing.He was unconscious. He didn't even have tears. he looked a me like mom save me. I couldn't! I was trying! I dialed 911 and all I could say was my baby..my baby is not breathing..help me...Lord, don't take my baby! Please! The dispatcher was trying to talk to me and I told her I was trying again..I finally got it. I got that stupid,stupid NICKLE out of his little throat. He struggled to breathe again. The paramedics came and checked him out. His oxygen level was back to 96%.
Today, I was so scared. Today I almost witnessed a mother's worst nightmare. Losing her baby. It wasn't like choking on a cracker..it was horrible.
Today turned out to be the best day of my life in 32 years. I held all my babies. savoring there laughs and their smiles. Looking at them and thanking God that they are all here. Thank you Lord for your Divine intervention. Thank you.

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Oh my, what a horrible experience for you Tiffiny. I am upset just reading this I cannot even immagine how you felt. Thank you for sharing. What a GREAT reminder to me to be more diligent about keeping tiny things out of reach. It is so hard with older siblings and all their stuff. I am so glad you had a HAPPY ending.

The Erdmann Family

You have me in tears right now! Oh Tiff I am so glad that it wasn't worse than it was. So so glad. These things can happen so fast.


OH, how awful! Thank God he is ok!


Wow. I'm so glad everything is ok! I just had chills. Good reminder to start babyproofing. You never know what they're going to find.


Its amazing how God uses those moments to heighten our awareness about certain things. Like the time my son went missing in the grocery store and he was the next aisle over. Those little moments keep us on our toes and extra vigilant. Praise be to the Lord your precious baby is well! Keep in mind you are a good mom and it could happen to any one of us :)