Monday, November 17, 2008

Never to forget...

Many times my mom had told me to make sure I write down the funny stuff that Matthew would say...and of course I thought that I being the supermom who was madly in love that little boy would remember everything word for word...well, because I am not supermom I have forgotten a few " funny" things and maybe a few embarrassing things..

So the main reason I blog is to to keep my sanity now that I have my own bunch of crazies ( they are MY crazies!) living with me. I enjoy blogging even if none of my posts ever get comments. The second reason is to try and record our everyday lives. I am the lady who purchased over 500.00 worth of " stamp,scrap and crap stuff and SOLD it all. So, if my children move out and NEVER get a photo album of themselves and their baby books are filled only to 3 months, they will always have this blog to read. You might take offense to some of the "funny " stuff my children have said...but my friends this is for them not you...

I went to the bedroom last night and it smelled like throw up from last week! I mean it was sick..I gagged and my eyes where watering! what could that horrible smell be!? After I started to sniff every nook and cranny of the room I found her backpack! That was the smelly culprit...a Strawberry shortcake cup with Milk had been hidden in a pocket for about a month! YUK! I put the bag outside and had Jeremy open up the cup ( This my folks is one of the reasons I married this man!)and dump it out so I could soak it. Olivia noticed her bag and said...

Oh, man...the boys put my bag outside! I am taking it in! EWWW! what is that smell!? I know mom, the boys farted on it! the stinky boys farted on it! gross boys!

Just because they are 12 does not mean they do not say off the wall is Matthew's week...

He comes flying up the stairs yelling...MOM!! MOM!!! I got it! I got it..I am so happy..

Son, what did you get? Calm down!

MY first 4 armpit hairs! They finally came! Look! FEEL!

That's have been waiting for them for 5 years...

Hey Mom? when do you think my voice will change?

And one more...Friday he informs me has his first girlfriend..I simply ask if he feels he is old enough for this. He gives me that " oh, don't be so dumb look"

Today he walks in and tells me has broken up with this girl. Why,I asked? She was already dating Ben and girls are weird anyways.

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The Erdmann Family

Seriously? This is what I have to look forward to? I mean the sippy cup thing is an everyday occurance at my house but the armpit hairs and girlfriends? Oh Boy! The joys of motherhood.