Thursday, November 27, 2008

What am I THANKFUL for this year?

Looking back on this last year with all my health problems and the daily struggle of life I have so much to be thankful for.

My husband who has chosen to let God be the center of his life. To lead him and walk beside him. His opportunity to enroll in Dream school through the church. His willingness to work 12 hour days. His willingness to take care of me through 17 weeks of bed rest and 2 surgeries. His willing spirit to be the man our heavenly father has called him to be. Oh, I am sooo Thankful for this man!

My sweet children...How the Lord has given these blessing to us!

Matthew, my son. I am so thankful he made the decision along with his dad to be baptised this last year. I am thankful he played football without one major medical emergency and that his team was undefeated and took home the trophy! I am thankful he loves his sister and brother. He is an amazing kid. He is polite to everyone he meets and is always willing to be helpful.

Olivia, I am still thankful after spending 10 days in the neonatal that she is here with us and is healthy. She may change her clothes 5 times a day and get into my jewelry and make-up but with out her my life would not be the same.

Carter...I am thankful he did not make appearance any earlier then he had to. I am thankful he was not born on the Hannagen road. He is my baby! I am thankful to be his mom and that after his choking experience he is here with us!

Mikey...what a blessing to get to be with him in this stage of his life. He is the world's best " uncle" according to Olivia and given his age I can see why!

I am thankful for the local paramedics who work crazy shifts and they are always ready to be on call when you need them!
I am thankful for all my friends who have helped along the way of this last year. from buying and wrapping Christmas gifts last year to coming over to hold the baby while I showered. From the friends who brought meals during each surgery or crisis we have faced. From the friends who have graciously bought clothes for my children and have loved them the way God loves us.

Most of all I am thankful for my family from my parents to my in-laws. Each one of them is special to me. They continue to take care of us and teach us. They love my children unconditionally and are always only a phone call away.

What are you really thankful for this year!?

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