Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our Recent News

Nope..we are not having another baby! :)

Jeremy has a NEW job with Delaval Company out of Lynden. He will be the driver/sales Representative for Skagit County area. It seems to be a wonderful company with excellent benefits and the opportunity to grow with the company. He will be home every night working no weekends ans holidays off! YIPPEEEE !He has never had this with any other company he has worked for.

After much prayer we decided that we will keep the watch & clock repair store going. We have a ton of inventory right now that we had purchased for the upcoming year. We have 14K gold jewelry (watches,rings,necklaces,earrings and MUCH more!) for the Christmas season. We also have a ton of new stock Montana Silver. I guess you can call us a jewelry store too..

Anyways, we will be open Wednesday-Saturday. Jeremy will be working on repairs at night and on Saturdays. We have hired someone to be there during the day. If you need a repair or a battery we will still be open!

We are so thankful for this new opportunity!

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