Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Shouldn't dig deep

So, I can't sleep. My nerves are shot. I am tired. My mind is spinning. I am trying to figure this think we call life out. It is not working.

This is what happens when I try to reflect or dig deep...yep, I get all emotional. I was thinking of what 2009 brought for me. Here is what i came up with...

A better year of adjusting with 2 small kids. It was tough for me in the beginning. I had 2 surgeries by the time Carter was 6 months old. I am really enjoying them alot more. The house is filled with more laughter and craziness then I ever dreamed of.

I appreciate my mom for who she is. I love her. I spent alot of years angry at her. I have forgiven her. I could not imagine life without her in it.

I have become closer to my in-laws. Not just my mother in law but Jeremy's Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and even 2nd cousins and to me that is one of the best parts of this journey.

I am the mom to a teenager. YIKES. really? How did that happen? I love every minute of the hormone filled alien boy.

I watched my little sister struggle, as her husband left her pregnant with their 4th child for her best friends sister. I watched her pull her shoulders back, keep her chin up and plow through..I am proud of her.

I had my brother here this year....we grew close and I wouldn't trade the 19 months for anything..the good, the bad and the ugly.

I let go of hurtful long relationships and created new friendships. {{ Hi Leah}}

So here is why I shouldn't dig deep at 10pm...I need sleep. I have way more to share but hey I need to save some for another post..

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Heather D

You forgot one are a kick ass blogger!
And a pretty awesome chick, in my opinion!


loved this!! I am Lesha's sis and Mindy Mellema's sister in law... (Michele Zylstra Jansen) you have a great blog. Happy New Year to you!!