Friday, December 11, 2009

It better rock

Who in their right mind thinks taking a 22 month old to a band concert was a smart idea? I mean if you want the band instructor to stop and remind everyone to be quiet then by all means bring the kid. If you plan on staying in your van for an hour waiting for the concert to end then bring the kid.

If your 4 year old threatens to be naughty, bug Carter, sing at the top of her lungs, Throw food at him ( Matthew) on stage then you better Call EVERYONE you know to see if she can hang out there for awhile, you know your not bringing her.

Matthew did a great job. Very proud of him. I was lucky to learn to play the black flute thing in 4th grade so him learning 2 instruments is Awesome!

Today I have conferences. Not worried. Matthew is very consistent with grades. I just told him it better rock like it always does..." don't worry mom! It always rocks!"

Carter found how much fun pencils can be...just ask my hearth.

Wash machine and dishwasher are dying. Lovely. Just grand. Just peachy.

I am thinking that renting a place sounds VERY appealing right now....

Waiting for snow. I was a bit bummed we had none when I woke up...oh, well we can get snow until March do no big rush.

I am delivering the last of the poinsettia's today. I know ...quiet. I have not killed them yet!

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