Thursday, December 10, 2009

The day we joked about has come

When Matthew was born, Mikey was 3. We used to joke about how Mikey would get his
licence first and then come over and pick up Matthew take him

As they got older I realized I didn't want them to be cruising anywhere. No where.

Last night Mikey shows up to take Matthew to DQ for ice-cream. I panicked. I looked at Jeremy, he looked at me and we both pretty much new that the day we used to joke about is here....and we are not finding it amusing...the boys however thought we are old.

Buckle up. Go the speed limit. Don't you know you have my baby? Obey the laws of the land. Say please and thank you. Pay attention.

They went for ice-cream unharmed. Trips to the mall? out of the question. Don't even ask.

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If they want to go to the mall ... send them on the city bus. That's how my teens go to the mall.

:) :) :)