Saturday, January 2, 2010

Screw organizing

My foot is on the counter, my hands are gripped on the handle and my junk drawer is stuck, I can't open it. I need to see if I can find a ( not telling you cuz this item should really have a home, not junk drawer home). Darn it. I now must clean it. I am really good about giving myself one drawer. Okay so unorganized people are optimistic.

Have a friend who has her each drawer organized. No, junk anything in her house. What so you do with barbies Missing leg, one dice, a screw and maybe I piece of candy? Sounds dumb after I say it, how about throw it away? Maybe put it with it's home?

I say why can't i be more organized? Why can't I have each Little people with the collective home? Why does my junk drawer have to take a shovel to look through it? Why does my Garage have to get cleaned 5 times in a year? Screw it.

Okay, so just a quick rant about one of my New Years Resolution.

Trust me I will rant about the next one too! ( I am mean who loves to budget anyways?)

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When I saw the title for your blog, I thought you were organizing screws out of your junk drawer. Not screw organizing! I actually bought a big rubbermaid plastic shelf at DI today for $6. It is going to go in my Junk Room, I have a whole room, not just the drawer.

Happy New Year!

Heather D



My junk drawer overflows so when you open it, stuff spills over the back and the Tupperware cabinet underneath it is covered in take-out menus, receipts, and miscellaneous junk. I'm right there with you!