Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unexpected guest

Last night was very productive in the getting up with your kids department. I mean who doesn't love getting up with your kids 6-9 times a night. Why should you even attempt sleep? I think he still has an ear infection. He was on a 4 day STRONG antibiotic that stays in your system for 10 days so I will call tomorrow and get another appointment. Maybe I can ask them if giving your child a Tylenol pm will help?

Had to run into the big city today. Working on that special gift for a special someone. Can't really say who. But I think they will love it. When I was in the big city I had a friend call and want to drop something by my house. I told her to leave it downstairs since she was in town. Huge mistake. I felt like such a slob when I knew she had entered the house of neglect. I mean it was bad. So bad that if anyone else had stopped by I would have met them at the gate and asked if they would like to have coffee in the garage( not that we could find room) instead of the messy house. So anyways, I know my friend really doesn't care but all the thoughts of " she must think I am so gross. She must think I am lazy. She must think I can't clean...." go through my head. I am sure it is nothing like Hoarders but you get the picture.

Speaking of A&E Hoarders show that actually makes me feel clean. If you have not watched really need to. It heartbreaking how hording can effect families.

I really should clean now. Instead I am updating my blog for all of you who are avoiding cleaning their house. Giving you something to read when you should be doing something productive.

Miss America had Preschool this morning and a huge afternoon meltdown that required a nap.

Matthew has early release all week. I should have ran errands but I think that the mold is multiplying in my bathroom as you are reading this.

Matthew wore his shoes on my new carpet...when scolded he said ' I thought you got dark brown so I could wear my shoes in here" arrghhh...seriously child.

Jeremy thinks we should hire a nanny. Not a bad idea. Thinking there has got to be an older women looking to move in to a bedroom with a 4 year old and be on constant duty, work for food, hot water and cable. I mean we can dream right?

I am almost done shopping and I believe I Will come under budget this year. Yippppeee!

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