Tuesday, December 8, 2009

daily check in

So for all you blog stalkers out there ( um...KRISTI) I will try to give you a quick play by play of my days...I wouldn't want you to think I didn't have time for you ( KRISTI) but I do and I am thankful for you.

Today I am heading to the doctors...for myself. I will find out when I will have surgery. Suck. I tell you. Many people always said that when you have one back surgery you will keep having them. Did you know that is not true. 1 in 800 patients ends up back for another procedure like mine? Did you know that I am called the "problem child " by the doctors? Not because I am begging them to do surgery but because Every time I get an MRI it shows more damage?

It is a hard call between laying in bed all day feeling sorry for myself or waking up and facing each day as if your not in chronic pain and emotional worn out. Trust me. some days I don't want to bend over and pick up a toy. It hurts.

I know I don't have a big bandage or crutches , wheelchair but sometimes I wish I did..sometimes I think people are more forgiving of you if they can visibly see your injury. People wouldn't talk behind your back. People wouldn't say things such as " she looks fine or I seen her out in her yard" I hear the snickers, I see it on people's faces...but doctors just don't operate on people. I can't just walk in and say " hey doctor? can you operate on me today I am feeling a bit sore?

So Yes...Off to see the doctor today.

I need to return a few gifts. I found 3 different gifts cheaper. saved me almost 100.00. Since I am very,very cheap it is worth my time to buy them cheaper, hangout with 2 of them for awhile and finally get around to returning them.

I need to drop off the staggering Christmas cards and ship an item. I hate the post office this time of year. If your looking for scrooge you can find him there.

So last night was everybody in my bed night. Good thing Matthew doesn't crawl into bed with me. Between Miss America and Allstar I am not sure who got to hear my heartbeat as they where laying that close on me.

Well, here is my daily check in just for you Kristi!

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Yes I hear you about how people give dirty looks when I am parking in a handicap parking space. When I was useing my cane it was different. I had people falling all over themselves to help me, now just the looks. They have no idea how much pain I am in just to walk from the car to the store. Grandma