Thursday, December 17, 2009


I can wear my pajamas to work. I can go to work without a shower. I don't have an "official" alarm. I don't sit at a desk all day( no matter what my family tells you) and I can go from one production room to the next without leaving the warmth of my house. What do I have to complain about?

I don't have enough pajama pants..HA!

The one thing I love are CUTE pajama pants..striped ones are my fav!

So if you came over and I am in my pajamas remember that they are part of my work uniform.

Today I must find a sitter. I need to finish shopping. I really hate shopping. It is not a past time for me. I wish I could say it was but when I go into a store I find myself mulling over prices and price tags and clearance prices and many numbers for me I tell ya...

I am LUCKY , I have yet to wrap a presents. Yay! for best friends who are presents can be found in gift bags or rolled in the paper with a a ton of tape. None of this fancy schamncy stuff for me.

Laundry going...floors vacuumed and now that I feel productive I can blog. Blogging is not fun when your children can't play in any room without the fear of taking them to the ER with an injury caused by messiness....

We have a cookie exchange this weekend...Still on the fence about what I am making..have I mentioned before I am not a baker and a procrastinator? Not a good combo...

So here is to Pajama pants...may they never quit making cute ones!

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