Thursday, December 24, 2009


What have we been up to?

Well, Miss America thinks that Jesus should deliver the presents and not Santa. Matthew is teetering in between being off the good list and on to the naughty list. Carter is...well, I don't want to call him naughty, but he kinda is.

Miss America can't understand why we get 2 Christmas. I tried to explain to her that one day is for my mom and one day is for dads mom. She thinks we should all get together at Grammy Karen's. " You know kinda just pretend it is like my birthday"

Carter....hit and miss with the throw up. I am thinking we are on to something with the medications. He is doing so much better.

Good news is he slept 4 days out of 9 through the night!!! and out of the 9 only 3 times in my bed. I was just saying to Jeremy that I think we can go to a queen size bed. He reminded me that we still have kids in our bed and what if we want anymore? yeah, he said "anymore" like in more kids...I had to laugh..on the days I am DONE he is not and on the days he is DONE I am not. Who could ever be done with such Chaos?

Although I have to say i have adjusted more over the last year then the first year of having small kids and it is, the way it is. Yes, I work around nap times and the noise level can get out of control but I love having to pee with the bathroom door open, tyring to find matching socks, running late,slimy hand prints, burping , farting x3 , forgetting manners, breaking my stuff, coloring on my walls, destroying my vehicles, draining the pocketbook,paintballing the neighbors house,talking back and eye rolls this...I really do.

Today we are having my side of the family over. 2 days of exciting! tonight I get to be Santa..leaving that one big gift by the tree..pretending I came through the chimney, eating cookies and writing a letter..oh, the memories...

Well, I better get started and try and figure out how to get yellow paintball off my neighbor's house....

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