Monday, December 28, 2009

What more could I ask for?

We are not the type pf people to have huge want list. We are basic people. We live for each day to be filled with laughter. There are days that tears will out weigh the laughter. There are days that the bills pile higher then the balance in our checkbook. There are days that we lay in bed at tonight thinking we have made huge mistakes as parents and as a spouse. There are days we can't seem to pull it together. However, there are more accomplished days then defeated days.

We received gifts this year that where basic much needed items. We received a camera ( thanks to my brother in law & friend we have been borrowing a camera for 2 years)a DVD player ( ours broke a year ago), a video camera and a trampoline ( to replace our very broken 15 year old one), among other small personal gifts. When opening up our gifts I felt as though we did not deserve such gifts. We could not possibly repay the gift givers. We are such basic people that we honestly felt overwhelmed with the generosity of others. My children received gifts that we could have never purchased them at this time in our life.

As we crawled into bed I told Jeremy that we couldn't be anymore blessed. He looked at me and said the same thing. As if his thoughts and feelings aligned with mine. I didn't have to say another word. He told me that with all of everything we have been through in our short 10 years of marriage, the birth of 3 kids ( all of them having very stressful situations) we have remained strong , putting one foot in front of the other , sometime repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

We have amazing friends and family who look out for us, believe in us and take care of us beyond the gifts of Christmas.

What more could we really ask for?

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You always word things so beautifully. It is wonderful to be surrounded by family and friends and miracles.
Bless you and your family as you enter this new year.


PS, You totally made my day! By reading the post you put on my blog about the turkey. Thanks!