Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Have you ever..

Just sucked it up? I mean really? Like in not saying a word even to the person who deserves to be spoken to? I don't know if keeping quiet is all that good for one's soul.

I know that if I did or said something that offended someone I would want to be told.Normally my intentions are never to be mean spirited however sometimes perception of what I said is NOT always the reality of what I meant. I don't want to be told in an on air letter on facecrack or in a comment on my blog but I would want to know. I would want it done out of love and respect and if they couldn't do that then write me a letter. I would hate for that person to carry it in their heart.

Great, now my inbox will be flooded with letters.

I don't know if it is because I am older that I don't say anything but then I sit here and dwell on it. It consumes me. It makes me nutty.

Really it does.

It is because I care. Now this may seem childish to some of you and to others you may just want the "dirt" but I am asking you, when should you say something?

I suck up alot. I don't say anything to the people who think they have life figured out,parade around me like they are the best parents ever, have everyone physco analyzed, think they are better due to the fact they work harder then so & so...Whatever, really I could care less.

I am to think you become engaged in your own weakness.

So you don't say anything.

It could be that maybe the person won't take you serious. Maybe they will be all defensive and then it will escalate into a big hair pulling Knock down fight ( joking) or maybe you are insecure on the way you feel, that you think your creating drama.

When do you people say something if you say anything at all?

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I say it is wise to wait to say something, unless you know for sure what is going to come out of your mouth at the moment is wise. Then, with prayer, tell that person if you think it will better their lives. If you are saying it to help them, not just to get revenge.