Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In true Tiffiny Fashion

Last Friday Matthew was looking for super glue on EBAY for a big model boat he was working on. He had hit purchase. I told him could not commit to buy anything without my permission. I then had to pay for the 10 tubes of superglue ( he thought he had ordered one , however it was ONE lot of TEN) before I got in trouble for not purchasing.

Monday I got a package. I went to cut in open and wouldn't you know it....I cut into the superglue! I flung the scissors, by doing that I had superglue on my lips, eyes, hair, shirt, counter , hands and scissors.

My lips began to stick together. Yes, I pulled them apart. BAD idea...they started to bleed. I had freaking glue everywhere!! NO JOKE

I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry.

I wasn't sure how Super Hobby glue could arrive from Florida in 3 days but it did....
What kinda feedback will I leave for the seller??
I mean when the post office clerk asks if your shipping something dangerous, fragile or flammable....SAY YES cuz you never know when you'll get a Tiffiny on the receiving end.

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Getting superglue everywhere sucks...but you have to hear this...Several years ago when I was managing at Target, I had an employee that was uspset about something and she was crying. She reached into her purse for her eye drops, and instead of those, she grabbed glue (nail glue, actually, but it's pretty close to superglue!) and it went in her eye. Her hand was stuck to her eye where she was holding it, and her eye was stuck closed. We had to call the paramedics, and she eventually became unglued while she was on the way to the hospital....lots and lots of flushing it out worked. Poor thing though! I felt so bad for her! So, hopefully you have been able to get yours off!