Thursday, December 10, 2009

Maybe inform the bookeeper

What does it take to get noticed around here? I mean I am in charge of keeping the fridge full for you. The power and gas bill are paid thanks to dad's hard work and mom taking the time to pay the bills.

I make all your appointments and schedule all of your activities. I get you from point a to b approximately 4 times a week.

I am just saying.

Don't ya think you should have told me a few weeks ago or even a day a two ago that you have a band concert tonight and your doing a duet???? Why on earth would you tell me 12 hours before hand??

And when I asked you this question and you tried to go on and on about how your brain is this size and mine is that size...and your whole speech about how teenagers heads are not developed..I wanted to smack you but your just to charming.....

Seriously son....I will take 48 hours notice just not the "day of " notice

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Marty and I have decided that when we reach this stage, it we do not have proper notice of an activity, we will not have time to be properly dressed. We are planning on purchasing silk shorty bathrobes and fluffy slippers just for occasions like this... ;)