Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Traditions

Today we are going to Warm Beach. It is a place where you can bring your family and enjoy their lights of Christmas. We have never been and now that the kids are getting older we have decided that we will be doing this each year.

It is about 1.5 away. We are packing snacks and bundling up. Good thing I found a coat for Carter yesterday. I mean really who waits until the middle of Winter to go and find your baby a coat? Oh, well hang my name up on the wall of bad mommies. I did find a super cute Gymboree coat for 10 bucks so all is good and considering I had a 30.00 credit I had to buy a few things for Miss America.

My mother in law is hosting an Open house across the street today. I told her I would keep the kids and dog inside and maybe pick up the garbage so it looks like a clean and quiet street. I won't let them run around outside naked.

Jeremy is off doing service calls. He has stayed busy between working full-time, service calls and closing the store. We are looking forward to today. He is even excited as we will get to see some of the farms he visits each week.

I can't hear Carter. Think he went downstairs and due the fact we have not childproofed the downstairs I should go check on him, making sure he is not in the dryer or eating nickles.

Wheww...he was cuddling with Matthew...good thing.

With it being so dry here I have been boiling water and with that comes name writing on the windows...oh, well..I few rolls of paper towels and some cleaner I can remove the tic-tac toe games and the big O's off all the windows next week.

Well, I should go and get ready. Have a great Winter Saturday!

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That's awesome. Glad you had a great time at the Lights, and I'm impressed that you wipe your windows. I kinda go with the theory that extra drool/grime/fingerprints will add insulation, meaning our heating bill will be lower and we're saving the environment. ;)