Wednesday, August 5, 2009

where to begin...

I am still here. I should have been entered into the physco ward due to the fact that I would have myself committed just to get a much needed break. I am not talking about the vacation where you get yourself and 5 others in your family packed to go out. The kind a break that they just show up and take you away.

I love my life. Seriously I do. Carter can quit teething any day. Olivia can learn to quit whining and Matthew can develop very soon into a man and not this teenage alien and Mikey can stay home once in awhile so I know he lives here.

We celebrated our 11 year anniversary last week. Not with a fancy dinner or even a movie. we celebrated by being together as a family. Not by choice..that's what happens when you have no sitter. We did talk about how fast 11 years went, the struggles we have faced and how we should celebrate everyday we are married. Marriage is hard and rewarding. There is no other place in the world that you can find all your cheerleaders in one place.

After much talk and prayer we have decided to send Matthew back to public school. We have talked about our action plan this year and how we will face each circumstance. After listening to Matthew and what he wanted...I knew that we could send him back AS long as he knew we would intervene alot more this year.

Olivia is getting ready for preschool. Some days she wants to go and other days she cries at the thought. I am not sure what to expect. With Miss America anything goes.

Carter has an appointment scheduled in September at Children's Hospital. I am a bit anxious of all the testing he might endure but I am THANKFUL we live in America and have some great doctors out there.

Mikey is just finishing up working in the berry fields. He has even won a few prizes for being a hard worker! He passed his summer school class and is enjoying being 16.

Life here is full and all though I have a TON of "funny" stories I wanted to give you faithful readers a quick boring update.

Now off to make a ton of lists of things to do just so I can lose them.

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Love you Tiffiny! You are an awesome wife and mother, keep up the good work. If you ever find one of those vacations where they just pick you up and go-let me know.
I am amazed at everything you handle and yet keep it all together.


love you. I woulda babysat.