Thursday, August 20, 2009

Thursday's With Tiffiny

I am thankful for:

Many things. Many,many things. I have one thing that is sticking in my mind right now. I had a Friend call me last week and ask me if there was something wrong between us. I was taken aback because it never even crossed my mind that there would be anything wrong between us. It has been on my heart all week. I got to thinking that maybe I am dropping the ball on being a good friend. It also got me thinking that I can't be that busy that my friends & family would ever feel that way. I am thankful that she called me. That she put herself out like that and called me. It was a reminder that I am NOT that busy.

I am listening to:

NOTHING! Kids are still sleeping!

What's for Dinner??

I am thinking my family wants me to start cooking again....real meals. So I will see what we have....I have Taco soup frozen so I might pull that out. I bet Matthew will be so excited! NOT! :)

I am looking forward to:

Olivia's first day at preschool. Matthew's first day as a 7th grader! I still remember 7th grade. I was able to wear make-up and I bought all my school clothes that year. I also remember lockers and different classes.
Ordering Liv's Birthday cards from this awesome company
Planning a paintball birthday party for Matthew. Fun times!!

I am Missing:

The days where you could sweep your floors and your children didn't navigate to the pile. When you mopped the floors they stayed clean for a few days. When you Windex the slider it was a once a week chore. But I day I will be writing how much I miss my kiddos.

What does Your Thursday bring??? Love to hear it!

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I freeze taco soup too and Cody cries every time I make it. I think it's great but he complains throug the enire meal. Guess you can't please everyone.