Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun Family & Rain

Since when does it rain in Eastern Washington for 2.5 days??? When a family decided to take a "Christmas" Vacation for 4 days. It was definitely a family memory for all of us. The sun finally came through Saturday afternoon and on Sunday when it was time to pack up and leave. We got as much boating in as we could.

Every year for at least the last 5 years my in-laws get everyone a family trip for Christmas. This year it was a trip to Lake Osoyoos. They rented a house on the lake.

I LOVE this idea and hope to one day pass on the tradition to my children. Thanks Mom & Dad!

Carter enjoying a fun swing ride.

Aunt Brandy & Carter

Father & Son....After the ride they started to wrestle and both ended up off the tube.
Grammy & Miss America


Learning to drive just like daddy.

I think he was hungry

Papa contemplating his next move...take your time Papa...it is still raining outside.

Mikey not liking his game

Even with the pour down of rain we had fun. On the way home we stopped in Winthrop for lunch and ice-cream. The kids did GREAT on the ride there and the way back. I was impressed!

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We LOVE Lake Osoyoos. Used to camp there for about 7 years. This year some friends have rented a house and we will join them with our tent trailer.

Rain for 2.5 days at Osoyoos is very unusual this time of year. Sorry!