Saturday, August 8, 2009


Do I dare write about whats on my mind? Lately and kinda like always I run into more and more people who say they read my blog and love it. Once in awhile I would like to run into a person who could just give me honest feedback. Like do I share to much information? Am I over the top? Do I sugar coat everything? But why do I care? I think it is the small town thing. The fear of something you say taken so out of context that your intentions on the post get turned around into something it was so NOT meant to be.

My famous friend Jenn has mentioned a few times that I don't post about Matthew very much. I do Love how protective she is of Matthew however Matthew does not like me blogging about him or taking his picture. I could have a blog only on Matthew..I promise. It would be something to the effect of "'tweens...raising an ALIEN" its SO true.

I think I am going to start a new blog one for my thoughts and one for my family. My thoughts can be depressing and my thoughts are real. Conversations I have in my head, can they really be written down with no fear?