Monday, August 17, 2009

Lost in the Chaos...

Do you every feel lost in the Chaos?? Like you have lost control?? Your plans and Ideas some how never seem to be implemented? Do all moms not just moms to 4 kids feel this? How do you find the time to devote to each kid? How do you make each one feel valued and special?


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Heather D

I think we talked about this, but kids date night - doesn't have to be anything expensive, just taking one at a time along on errands, or to lunch, or maybe the park, one on one.

That said, I think you do a great job! I'm losing my mind some days with just one!


Right there with you ... completely lost in the CHAOS this week.

Chaos of having 13 children (11 living at home).

Chaos of adult daughter phoning last night and saying, "I just need my mommy."

Chaos of different adult daughter flying home from Argentina tomorrow because she got hurt and needs knee surgery.

Chaos of trying to get my house cleaned out enough to put it on the market. (The storage unit is already full and we still have way too much stuff in the house.)

Chaos of my dear hubby starting a new job ... 2 hours away, with a ferry ride in the middle. (a very expensive ferry ride, too)

Chaos of a 13 year old that called 9-1-1 on Friday to tell the police that he was mad at his dad.

Chaos of the same 13 year old running away yesterday and being brought home by the police at 11:00 p.m. (Couldn't they just keep him?)

So ... umm ... yea ... right there with ya sista' ... CHAOS has taken over my house as well as yours.


mama of 13

J5 Farms

We haven't started this yet but friends of ours do a date night with their kids.

They do it like this; I think Carter's birthday is on the 5th so on the 5th of each month you would do something with just him. In September you would do something with him and then in October Jeremy would do something with him and you would do this with each of the kids. They do simple things like bike rides, ice cream, the park, etc. She blogs about their 'date nights' and it sounds so fun.

I can't wait to start doing something like this with our kids. Once they get a little bigger we'll start. It think it will be especially good for the boys since they're always together.