Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Okay so my 3 year old still has her binky. Boo me all you want. She has one and at this point I am happy its only a binky a not a thumb. She would suck her thumb till she was 16 I know she would.

Matthew had a binky till he was just about 4 (same age as Liv) and his papa offered to get him a bunny if he threw away his binky's and sure enough 3 days later..Winnie the pooh binky was thrown away and set out to the curb ,or so he thought. I grabbed it out of the garbage and hid it for that Just-in-case-we-need-it-having-major-issues-moment. We never did. Next day Papa comes over sporting a new bunny he (Matthew) proudly named Cow&Chicken.

Here is what Bribes we had for Miss America

1) Binky Fairy will bring you a new bike. One that can hold your baby and barbies and has pom-poms on the handle bars.

2) I will let you get a pedicure and have a red flower on your toe.

3) You can get a big girl bed paint your room and put up polka dots

4) I will make you a new tutu and buy you a new Easter dress.

5) A new barbie?


Dad will take you to the fair and ride the Ferris wheel with you....

One night down with NO binky! Yippeeee!!

Who's your momma???

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The Kingsborough Queen

i LOVED this post! isn't that just it...we try everything under the sun when parenting, we get to the end of the night absolutely exhausted, and then DADDY walks in and says or does one thing right...problem solved!


what of the bribes worked lol