Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday's with Tiffiny

Hello!! I am alive...I promised myself that I would finally do Thursday with Tiffiny. It has been a month since the last one. I am heading off to the lake today so I have a million things to pull together but since I know Grandma reads this and is wondering how the heck we are doing I gave myself a few minutes to get it done.

I am thankful for:

A summer where I am NOT pregnant or in the hospital with recovering from a surgery. Many of you know that I have had multiple surgeries and 17 weeks of bed rest with Carter's pregnancy. That sure can take a toll on ones family. My flower beds look good this year and even though I may have a 4th surgery pending (we find out by the middle of September) I am SOOO THANKFUL for this summer.
Carter has an appointment next month a Children's Hospital and by the power of prayer his throwing up has actually been on the decline. So I hope it is nothing to serious.

I am listening to:

The hum of the dishwasher, Matthew & Olivia actually loving each other.

I am looking forward to:

Our local Fair! Everyone gets so excited around here. Time with my all my in-laws, you all know how much I adore these people. I am going to a Def Leppard and Poison concert so pursuing an 80's outfit is going to be fun. Liv's Birthday party and Matthew turing 13!! Holy Moly my BABY is goign to be a teenager. (wiping tears)

I am Missing;

The routine of Fall. I am NOT complaining I love the sun and felt completely lost on the first day of rain last week. Kids all over the House no wonder why I go crazy in the winter.

Have a great week!

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I was so glad to see you had wrote again about your days. It keeps me updated on you and your family. You make it soound so interesting. ove you all. Grandma