Monday, August 31, 2009


I have been busy...good busy. Productive. Feels good.

My heart is heavy for the families of the baby they found. He was not alive. I do not know how someone could leave a 10 week old baby in the woods. Prayers for everyone. The mom and dad. The grandparents and extended family. The many volunteers who spent hours up[on hours trying to find this baby.

Cleaned the closets. Totes to consignments store. Building up the funds for the day after Thanksgiving sales.

Shopped for Miss America's birthday. Gotta love Michael's!! 50% off all princess party favors! spent less then 15 dollars on her stuff. what a deal!

Planted mums in the front flower bed. Looks good.

Had the bathroom painted. Looks amazing! Pictures later. Waiting for it to dry a bit more.

Went to My niece's first birthday. Fun times.

School starts Wednesday for the boys. Miss America goes to preschool Wednesday. YIPEEE!! She is SOOOO ready. She will be 4. How did that happen?? I know so cliche.

Carter has his appointment at Children's on Thursday.

I am looking forward to being a table leader for the local MOPS ( mother's of Preschoolers) chapter. Have lots to do for that.

Well, I should go..I think they are killing each other outside over a bike...good times!