Saturday, August 8, 2009

Weekends of Fun!

We had 3 weekends back to back of FUN...we had lots of friends come and stay with us at our home away from home. Hours of pool time and playing tuckered the kids out.....
Sportin nothing but a diaper Everyday!

Posing when she wants to

Avoiding the Camera

Really avoiding the camera

Kayleigh's pose

Miss America had fun learning to go underwater, hang out on a floatie and use water rings.

Here is Bud and his brothers playing. Stefanie a WONDERFUL friend of ours came to stay the weekend...she has 3 boys and they are darling!!

Kyle...What a handsome boy.

There is our Kayleigh....:)

Air Guitar anyone????

Hoping the sun stays around so we can enjoy more of our "home away from home"

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