Monday, August 24, 2009

Sleep..its a good thing

Yesterday I was trying to be productive. I started with the closets. Mine. Yuk. When Your husband loses 140 pounds and still wants to hang onto some of his clothes it can make for a very interesting debate. Seriously honey? Really? You want to keep that?

Then around noon I feel it. The sense of complete tiredness takes over. I ignore the kitchen, the 5 laundry piles around the house,the chip bag that spilled all over and the toys that are NOT in their right hole and go lay down. I tell my WONDERFUL husband it will be for few minutes. 5:16 pm I wake up. Can you believe it?? I must have been tired. 10:45 guess who is back in bed and asleep solid till 8am??? Yes, me. I was tired.

Here is to a productive day!! No excuses unless I use the sleep hangover as one.

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