Friday, August 28, 2009

ever notice?

as you get older you do actually grow up? As I sit here I have so much to say. I try not to spout off my mouth ( I was known to do that before) to others when I FEEL they have done me wrong. I stew on it. I mull it over. I think about it until I get so MAD that I just cut them off.

Maybe what I wanted from others is not what I want now. Why do I keep people close even after they have hurt my feelings over and over over again?

Keeping them close is a either a sign of weakness or a sign of quality character. I am not sure what it is anymore...I just know that growing up has made me wiser but at the same time I think it has made me push over for rude, destructive, caddy relationships. Always afraid to rock the boat.

If you don't have boundaries then it turns to drama. I don't want drama. I just people's words to match their actions.

The older I get it really doesn't seem that hard.

People change and sometimes not for the better no matter how old we get.

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