Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rooster pox make a comeback

Carter had a fever of 103 all day yesterday. I could not get it to break. I tried all day. Everything. Finally I called the doctor and she said to give him Motrin ( I was doing Tylenol) if the fever had not went down in an hour to go to ER.

He was so out of it, his heart rate was So fast and that scared me. His breathing looked labored and he was Lethargic. I hate the ER...the wait and sometimes when you go the child acts perfect after getting there. Not Carter...He threw up in the check in room and as he was doing that Security was called for some other nut jobs so we had to stay in the room. The carter cried for an hour. Not a cry it was a full blown scream. We made it to the back and he continued to scream. The nurse suggested One parent in the room at a time to allow a break. It was very overwhelming. I loved that nurse. He was able to get Carter seen right away. I am sure it had to do with the fact you could hear Carter screaming all the way into the waiting room.

carter had one bump on his arm and 2 weird looking spots on his left hand and right side. I would have never thought they where chicken pox but the doctor said they where. He has not gotten anymore and 2 are almost gone. Carter is the only of my children to get the vaccination.

Anyways, 2am on our way home. His heart rate had to go down and his temperature was remaining 102.7 . After more Tylenol and Motrin he got it down to 102.3 and we could go home. Today He is in full swing.
Me? Missing a family BBQ , where the rest of my family is....and very tired.

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