Monday, January 11, 2010

where are you going?


Clean up everything from the weekend. Do the 7 piles of laundry that accumulated from the weekend. run the dish washer 3 times and maybe 4 after dinner is done.

I enjoy bringing Miss America to preschool on Mondays. It really is a great way to start the week. I have no idea what I will be doing for preschool next year. Still not sure if I will be switching preschools or staying with same one. We shall see.

My heart is heavy today for a family member who was given only weeks before she is called to be with Jesus. My thoughts always go back to Jesus. She gets to rejoice with him and be given a heavenly without pain. I know when I die I will be with Jesus. What about you? Do you know where your going? Just for the non believers out there...ask yourself..what do have to gain or lose by believing? I think you have everything to gain. Say if Heaven and hell are real ( i believe they are) where do you want to spend ETERNITY? In a fire pit full of evil and pain or in heaven, with joy and happiness? Where do you want your family to go? What about your children?

This week I shall embark on a new budget. Yikes..after tracking my spending for the last week I have a better idea on how it should know 200 a month for coffee and 10 bucks for groceries. HA...You get the idea...Lots of number crunching going on here. It is nice...We have made a goal to pay of the truck and make 2 extra mortgage payments this year.

Everything I think to type seems so small in to comparison of family that is going to lose their mom, wife , grandma and friend...

So with that..I am off to hug my children, write a few notes to people and let them know how much I love them..

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