Monday, January 18, 2010

Selfish and proud of it

No School today so that means no 6 am alarm clock being thrown what wakes me up. No pressing errands well, Old Navy is having huge sale so that is a bit pressing. Tried to say No in my head but seriously, it is the 50% off 50% off sale.

Saying No to taking my kids with me. I don't care if they stand by the back door , turn on the waterworks and act like I am the biggest meanie ever..they are not going.

Saying No to Costco...not making this an errand day.

Say yes to...

turning up the radio very loud.

Ordering a coffee without a 4year old trying to place her order and then fighting with said 4 year old about how there can only be one coffee drinker in the House.

To finding super good deals for my kids..buying clothes for next year...25 cents hats & Gloves?

Do I feel guilty that I am taking a few hours off? not taking a to-list with me?

Nope. Not at all.

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