Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Family Review

Carter is STILL sleeping { it is 10am} I don't want to do anymore chores for the fear of waking him up. So here I am filling you in on the happenings at our house..

Matthew LOVES snowboarding and everything Mt. Baker has to offer. Jeremy went skiing with him last week and they both where so tired the fell asleep in the chair and on the couch. Jeremy has not been skiing in 20 years!! I was so proud of him for going and when you lose 150 pounds I think you can do anything!!

Matthew is preparing to go one his first Missions trip with our church up to Vancouver for the Olympics. This Missions is a trip of a lifetime but it did come with 4 years of hard work . He is also taken on a new role as the Boy Scout Troop Chaplin's Aide. Way to go!!

Olivia had her first dance class last week and lets just say LOVED it is an understatement. She is still sassy pants and keeps me on my toes in the coaching/disciplining area. She loves her preschool and her church group on Wednesday nights. She still changes her clothes 6-10 times a day.

Carter will be 2 in 2 weeks! He has reached the throwing a fit for everything in life phase. He has been battling 3cold in 3 months..I don't understand why he gets every cold that goes around. He loves to tackle his sister and that has carried into the nursery at church with the other kids..I went in to the nursery with him last week just to make sure I didn't make any enemies.

Well I hear him calling my name...

oh, and I am Surviving!!

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You've just got a little of everything going on! The fits, oh, yes Brielle too. Fun to here about you family.