Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Facts

I have not done a Friday Fact since November.


This week in review has been an emotional one. Last Friday I spent a wonderful evening with all my friends and a great date night with my hubby. News that family has only been given a short time with us, a family is in suffering over the loss of there 6month old baby and the devastation in Haiti . Days seemed to be filled with extreme highs & lows.

Thankful For:

My family and friends. The girls are coming over today to bake breads. A good thing considering the frozen bananas are falling out of my freezer every time I open it.

I get to see the doctor next week and after having seeing another specialist yesterday I think we may have to do a fusion on my back. I know that would Be the best for me but rods and screws in my back and me being down for MONTHS not days or weeks might be a it challenging.

Matthew made it through his first snowboarding lesson and he is loving going to the mountain every week.

Listening To:

Tigger & Pooh on TV and the wind outside. Where did that come from??

What's For Dinner:

Not sure. I have Bunko tonight so I will be super mom and make scrambled eggs and toast.

Looking Forward To:

A family wedding, 3 day women's conference, Carter's 2nd Birthday and 6pm when hubby walks through the door...

I am needing or wanting:

I am needing motivation to finish Liv's room so I can do Carter's..

Missing: 5 acres so my kids can with sticks and build forts..plants pumpkin's and a garden...oh, wait I never had that..just dreaming..

Quote of The Day:



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