Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Taylor Swift

So I am trying to blog everyday as long is doesn't interfere with my Facecrack Family.

I am listening to Matthew record Miss America singing Taylor Swift songs. Good thing I have a very smart 13 year old in the house. He has showed me how to record , upload to YouTube and now working on the posting part so you can see the next Taylor Swift in action. Seriously, everyday I must endure 66 minutes of pure torture as she watches the DVD of her beloved Taylor Swift...then I must hear 3 songs repeated, repeated and repeated.


Good thing Miss America is cute.

So I am really thinking that my blog will go private. Not a big deal I will send out an email and then you will be added to the list of readers. Very easy.

What is not very easy? Having people stalk you and then talk about you and then the next thing you know...Bam, your deleted from their friends list on MySpace. Pathetic. Really when you know both these girls for over 10 years.

So there is the reason behind going private. Please don't hesitate to ask for an invite.

I enjoy blogging and find it therapeutic.

I don't enjoy the drama.

6 ...Stalker Comments:


oh please, oh please...add me to your blog life. i'm one of your stalkers~remember, i even stole your 'about me' for one of my posts? i promise, traci will vouch for me that i'd never hold anything you say against you...unless it was about her, then i'd have to kill you.
lori ;)


please, oh please add me to your blogging list...i'm one of your stalkers (remember i added your 'about me' as one of my posts?) my favorite sista traci will vouch for me that i'd never hold anything you say against you...unless it's about her, then i'd have to kill you. lori ;)

3 little and 2 big liks

yup, that's my sister. no beating around the bush. :) you are on her list of TOP 5 favorite blogs!
add me to since, now that i mention it, you're also on my top 5 list! i love your honesty...it's a breath of fresh air!

Heather D

Do I need to come up there and lay the smack down?

The Kingsborough Queen

i love it, too. tons of people link from my blog to yours because they know me but don't know you, but love your writings.

ps. olivia is the next taylor swift and now she has her camera crew lined up!


OH Hi... My name is Erin Doucette, I am a good friend of Sara Sprecklemeyer and through her blog I found your blog and have been reading it forever. I LOVE your blog.. I think you are super funny and I love how great you are at being a Mom, wife, friend and Sister. May I please have a invite to continue reading you blog? :) If not,I understand.. you don't even know me... I can tell you that I am NOT a Stalker!! :) If that helps my application.
Have a great day!!