Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Jesus Loves the Little Children..

ALL of the children of the world.....

Today I went to the funeral for baby Case..a baby who I know is with Jesus. I know Jesus Loves his children.

My Dear sweet Children,

As each one of you where developing in me I could not wait to see your face, count your toes and hold you in my aching arms. I was in love with each wiggle I felt inside of me. it was just me and you for 30+ weeks...

Each one of you has brought to me such joy and heartache as we have navigated our way through parenthood.

I want each one of you to know that I adore you. I adore every expression , every Innocent thought, gesture and hug.

life will not be perfect. It will be hard and you will feel alone and defeated and as your mom I can never take away the pain. Jesus can and he will. He will walk with you through each phase of your life, never forsaking you.

As I sit here I can't help but tell you that houses, cars, clothes, status will NOT make you better people. Yes, some days I think how can I provide for all of you but I know that each one of you are a blessing and not a burden. You are blessing to me and your dad. Our lives are better with all 3 of you in it.

The way Jesus loves you is the same way I love you...


Your mom

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it reminded me of the quote (VERY paraphrased) 100 years from now it will not matter how much i have, what i drive, (etc, etc, etc,), but what will matter is if i make a difference in the life of a child. GREAT thing to teach your kids...sounds like you're a great mom!


Perfectly said!


Thank you for being at the funeral. Thank you for loving and appreciating your precious children. love, Michele


Thank you being at the funeral. Thank your for all the prayers (MOPS too)

Our children are such a blessing.