Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful For:

You know every time I go to post Friday Facts and I pause to think of what I am thankful for family pops in my head...this week I would have to say has been a rough one..starting out on Sunday when Carter broke his grandma's center piece candle holder. I got to talking and thought Matthew had it under control...I thought wrong. Broken glass everywhere..not to mention it was really my fault..Sorry Mom.

Then as the week progresses FULL SPEED ahead I realized that turning my back on kids is a huge mistake. I now either wake up before them and shower and if I don't they both must join me in our shower. If that means I have tonka trucks, barbies, rubic cubes, and 3 of us crammed into a shower then that's what it means.

I am thankful for each new morning. I am thankful that when I make the "ugly face"
(as Miss America would call my " your really going to get it! I can't believe you guys just did that look!") They forget about it the next day. How do I know this?? They repeat the same behavior so either they forgot about my "ugly face" or it just not that ugly to make a lasting impression.

I am also Thankful for finding jeans that fit Miss America..she has not worn jeans in 2 years it was exciting for me to have her try them on last night without hearing how tight they where and how she hated them..

I found 2.28 cent twin sheets, 6.00 king sheets and 2pack pillow cases for 2 48 at Target. SCORE!!

Thanks Tiffani for the tip!

Listening To: The hum of the dishwasher...both kids are still sleeping. Perfect morning.

What's For Dinner: well, I am going to a 3 days women's I am sure I will pop open a can of spaghetti'O's add a fruit and call it dinner. I did make Jeremy good dinners all week so he had left overs and he LOVES that.

Looking Forward To:

Sleeping through the night...Carter finally moved into a crib...and has great medication for his tummy so he is only waking up 2 times a night if that.. So this weekend I am going to savor each Minute of precious sleep.

Carter turns 2 on Wednesday!! { enter sad mommy face here}

and just aside note: NOT looking forward to: Paying taxes that are due Sunday..Buzz kill right there.

I am needing or wanting:

Nothing really. I would like to go to a warm place for a few days.


The days I used to feel good. The pain free days. This week if I would have felt better I think I could have handled the crazy life of 2 kids, or maybe not.

Quote of The Week:

MOM!!!!!!! { really loud in a whiny,tattling tone}

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Glad you got a great deal at Target! ;) I don't know if I ever told you this, but after your tip about Safeway and the free cream cheese, I stocked up! We gotta keep sharing the tips, this is great!