Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Scratch That

I am not surviving..I am crying..or I feel like crying.

I fell like I go from one mess to another. One argument to another. One time out to the next. One chore to another one.

Carter has dumped a cereal bowl all over my carpet. Emptied a whole 9.00 bottle of medicine on the counter and the floor. He has emptied the dogs water bowl all of over the kitchen floor.

Olivia thought it would be funny to let him have a pen. Lets just say I found it NOT so funny.

They find it amusing to WHINE and not talk.

They both have successfully beat each other up over a toy.

They have both decided that no matter what room I have cleaned they will find away to mess up it up.
Pulling out the crafts leads to fight.." I WANTED THAT ONE"
Pulling out a game leads to Carter eating the pieces and Miss America Screaming that he is ruining it..

Dress then up send them out side has led to fighting.

That has led to me wanting to beat them...that is why I am taking a timeout to blog..I want to go find a another job..
from the pictures I found...looks like it will never end.

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Heather D

Deep breath...we all have those days. Today is particularly whiny around here.
Hugs to you! You'll make it!

Here I Am.

Oh Tiffiny your posts crack me up. I love how real you are! You can come and craft with me anyday! My living room is about 4 boxes of felt, fabric, yarn and other crap. :)


Sounds like my house. My boys have recently figured out that they like to beat on each other AND I think they find my reaction to their fighting even better.

How to fix this problem? Go get a pedicure! That's what I did last night.

I also love your new picture at the top of your blog.


My house/family is soooooooo much like this post right now too!! I feel your pain & stress & no matter what advice people give it's still there for you to deal with. I'll be praying for you :)


your post reminds me of our house right now so you are not alone & I know that no matter what advice people may give you the issues are still there so I'm praying for you!!