Friday, January 15, 2010

Love & Hate

I love the sound of belly laughs.

I hate the sound of breaking glass, that means they are into something they should not be.

I love the sound of their sweet little voices.
...if any of you have a puberty stricken boy in your house you also will love the voice changing part, I know I shouldn't laugh.

I hate the words " mommy, look what I drew for you on your masterpiece"

I love the learning of talking and all the first words.

I love the fact they learn to put on their own clothes

I hate the fact they pick up clean folded laundry and re-enter into the dirty clothes.

I Love the fact they still never outgrow hugs.

I hate the fact they spill everything.

I love the fact they love their grandparents.

I hate the fact my mom is always telling me I am to harsh.

I love the fact she is protective of them.

I hate that they want a dog and tell me they will take care of it and never do.

I love how they are excited for simple things, blankets, daddy and tickles.

I hate the fingerprints all over my slider door.

Love the fact the bang on the door when daddy pulls up after work.

I hate how much water gets on the floor at bath.

I Love how a bath can wipe away any tear.

Love & Hate.

what are yours?

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Great list. I "love" that you have more loves than hates. That is a great mix!