Monday, February 1, 2010

Stepping into the Power

This past weekend I was invited by my dear friend Julie , to attend a women's conference. I was not sure what to expect as I had not heard much of the conference.

When I arrived I was already exhausted. My van is on the verge of breaking down and my husband did not want me to drive it out to the conference so I had to arrange a ride , find a sitter very last minute due to the fact he called to tell me he had to work till 9pm...

Sometimes I think is going away really worth it? This time I can say it was SOOO worth it. I had quiet time all weekend. The featured speaker was Lori Salierno and she AWESOME! There was a ton of give aways and spiritual motivation all 3 days!

This was the first conference held by Women Of Whatcom and they did an amazing job.

So back to reality. Back to referring and cleaning..back to picking up the toys 1.2 million times a day...back to chubby little cheeks, hugs, kisses and even a semi clean house!!

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