Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Egg Time

Since I was still recovering Jenn came over with her nifty NO MESS EVERY PARENT NEEDS ONE egg dye spinner and she helped the kids decorate eggs..You can find them at Walmart for 5.00 and maybe they still have them on clearance, if you see it BUY IT! It was like a dream come dye on messy cups, no vinegar, no dyed fingers, arms or clothes.

Sorry they are in reverse order. I should know by now to upload backwards..
How cute are these??? Jenn decorated them..the kids decided they where over it after about the 3rd egg...
Carter had to touch..then proceed to throw the eggs like balls...we lost 3 due to his mom not watching throwing abilities.

2 ...Stalker Comments:

Here I Am.

Those are so cool Tiff!! I'm going to have to get one of those when Brinkley's older!!

Heather D

I love that spinner! I used professional cake decorating dye. Not recommended for kids...SUPER bright colors, but I dyed my hands!