Friday, April 9, 2010

Is It Still Warm? and debit cards. I know if I just put it back in the same spot then I would never lose it. right? I mean have I ever claimed to be organized? or does this fall under the irresponsible?

4 days. No debit card. I know I put it back in my wallet. I swear.

4 days panic starts in. Was it stolen?

Great. Just what I need.

Kinda like when I can home from the hospital only to find out my washer quit that day.

4th day...Jeremy comes home...kicks of his work shoes I bitch nag about how he can't leave those yukky boots in the house and right in front of the door.

As I look down there is My debit His Work boots!

I look in the other and there is my medical card.

Jeremy looks at me dumb founded.

He then asked me if the card was still warm...

Yes, Honey for 4 days you have been walking around with my debit and medical card.

Life with a 2 year old...gotta love it...