Sunday, March 28, 2010

What to do?

I am smiling.

My heart is full.

Small things...

I made it down 2 stairs
I french braided Miss America's hair
I carried my own coffee to my desk without a walker
I was able to put lotion on my leg without having to cry due to the pain.
Being left alone for an hour

My family is at Church. It makes me a sad knowing they are there and I am here but I am so overjoyed at the Small progress I made all ready today.

Yesterday Jeremy was home...( he has worked every Saturday for about 3 years) I couldn't have been in a better mood! I didn't realize how much I missed that extra day of the week that we could have him. He took the kids to the grocery store...

Here are the highlights

* They screamed through the store
* wouldn't stay in the cart
* the cookie they give you only lasted 3 minutes and created a huge mess

I love hearing his stories when he comes home after running errands with them...Part of me wants to say " I told you so , See what I go through? " But I don't...I don't need too...Jeremy really does appreciate me and I know that and I see that...

No nap for the kids yesterday...Jeremy tired them out do we could put them to bed around 7:30 and watch a movie. We are not movie people. We enjoy movies however we are never running out to get the latest movie or to the theaters. I mean c'mon it takes 2 hours just to watch Criminal Minds between all the distraction around here :)

We ordered Couples Retreat on Pay-Per-View. It wasn't all that good. I thought it would have been better. Now, Blind Side was a GREAT movie! I rented that one the other day. If you have not seen it..Make a date and watch it!

I am enjoying my 3rd cup of coffee...listening to the dryer, organizing my thoughts on how today can be just as successful as yesterday was...

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I should have posted about "couples retreat" we didn't think it was all that great either.

Happy to hear you are getting around a bit. You are in our prayers.

Mama D.'s Dozen

Glad things are looking up for you!

Blind Side is a GREAT movie. I bought that one on dvd, which is a rarity.

Love the Easter Eggs with all of your initials.


Laurel :)