Friday, April 30, 2010

Let talk about something fun..

After reading the last few posts it made realize how depressing I can sound.

I do laugh. I do have fun. I do enjoy what I can.

I find myself blogging about the deep stuff due to the fact I find it therapeutic.

But there is Fun in our home...and many things to make us feel blessed.

We are looking forward to camping...3 weeks till our big Memorial Day camping trip with our friends!

I got to see Miss America catch her first fish last weekend.

Carter has been sleeping through the night for over a month. As long as he is on his medication we no longer have to clean up puke.

Matthew is doing WONDERFUL at school.

The little kids love to lay in our bed and call for the "tickle man' to get them..

It only took a girl to get Matthew to brush his teeth twice a day, shower and wear matching clothes...

Miss America got 5 inches cut off her hair today...making her look older... is good.

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