Thursday, April 22, 2010



I went to the doctors on Thursday. I had a nerve test done which showed many things. I have serious nerve damage down my legs and into my toes.

I knew that. I didn't need 20 needles poking into me with shock waves filtering through them...I could have just told you that but I guess they have to wean out the fakers...

I then meet with the doctor.

3 of the suckiest options...

* MRI get a better detail of the problem.

He can do surgery this week...and make sure everything is alright and fix the problem again.

* or go with a different form of testing, one he doesn't recommend.

So..knowing me and my body I would say that a 5th surgery will be needed.

Oh, and guess what? He leaves for a month May 1st.

Good News ( there has to be some right??)

I have my MRI on the 29th..leaving him one day to tell me if surgery is needed...

In the mean time?

( enter Sarcasm here)

Yippee..Lucky Me..I get to live in and with this pain for at least another month.

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