Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Not Claiming To Be Perfect

No, I am not perfect. I am not the perfect wife, mom, sister or friend. I wish I was. I wish for a split second that I would think before I speak. That I would not have a tornado of emotions inside of me on any given day.

Do I expect perfection from my family or friends? No. Never.

So why would people ever think that I am perfect?

Why would people be so envious of things I can't control?

It is okay to want to have abilities like someone but to be jealous of them??

My best friend is a Tech wizard. ANYTHING dealing with computers , phones, cameras or gadgets she is your gal. Am I JEALOUS of her? To the point of me not wanting to be friends with her? NO! Do I have a bit of envy in me? Yes but not enough to dwell on it.

Another friend..we don't have the same views on a few points but do I walk away thinking I could never be her friend? No.

And I HATE when people tell me I am intimidating to them. Really? What did I do? NOTHING...I bet I didn't even talk. I bet I was shy and reserved.

You are projecting your own insecurities on me and trying to make me feel bad for what?

Just so it is in writing and all you haters out there I am not perfect. I don't have a perfect husband, kids, dog, house , relationships...I wish I did...life would then be perfect for me..

Not really.

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Hey Tiffiny I think you're pretty great.

Mama D.'s Dozen

Great post!

I get that, "Oh, you're so intimidating." thing too. Huh? Why? What exactly did I do or say to intimidate someone? So hard. So frustrating.

I have a lot of kids. Yep. I do. But ... I never said anyone else should have a dozen kids.

I homeschool my kids. Yep. I do. But ... I never told anyone else they should homeschool (unless, of course, they came to me with specific questions and reasoning for wanting to).

I, too, am not perfect. Nope. So. Far. From. It.

Recently, though, I was told by someone near and dear, that I ... "live in fear and insecurity". Huh? So, one minute I am intimidating ... the next I'm the insecure one? Now, of course, I am insecure ... because I'm trying to figure out exactly who I am. I think I'm really someone right in the middle between the two.

But ... I guess it will take a bit more fear and insecurity before I figure it out ... and then am secure enough to become intimidating again.