Sunday, April 18, 2010

Life at our house..

This list will make you shy away from visiting us...but don't let it scare you, I mean some of things have to be normal. Right???

* Do NOT ride your bike on the trampoline..

* Please do NOT video yourself jumping from the roof..I don't care how cool you look or if Jacka** will take your submission video

* Keep you hand out of your diaper, do not try and aim your wink out of it so you can pee on the floor.

* I don't care if he/she hit you first, that gives you NO right to punch, spit, scratch and pinch your brother/sister. You need to come get your mom.

* Eggs are not balls. Do not throw them !

* If you eat like a dog then I will make you eat by our dog...( They got excited about that)

* Do not pull the dogs ears, hair, tail or try and poke out his eyes

* I can't find my___. ( you fill in the blank)

* Carter is climbing the fence again he is just about over. MOM HELP!

* Mom, Carter took his diaper off and Now you need to come see this big mess!

* If I have to count to 3 your in serious trouble

* Hiding in the dishwasher is not the best hiding spot

* Do NOT put your brother in the dryer. I don't care if he fits.

* I love you x 3

* Mom what is a butthole? MATTHEW Don't say that in front of her ever again..don't say it period!

* Mom? Why are your boobies bigger then alot of people? ( I wanted to say "have you seen my butt?" but I refrained)

...Stay tuned for more...

2 ...Stalker Comments:

Mama D.'s Dozen

Oh my! Yes, I can relate to a few of those. Bringin' back a few memories here.

The last one ... right there with ya. :)

Oh, hiding in the dryer ... a small child actually died that way last year (big sister put little brother in the dryer and turned it on). Not a good idea.

Hope your day is BLESSED!

Laurel :)


Joe and I read this and really enjoyed it. I read it out loud and I think that even made it funny-ier (is that even a word?) We can totally relate.