Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter dress anyone?

We all remember when Miss America wore her Easter dress Last year for days on end. This year she was lucky enough to have 3 dress's , one for Good Friday service,one for the egg hunt and one for Easter. She is very comical when it comes to her clothes. She acts like she does not have enough. I try to tell her all about the needy kids and how blessed she is but I am pretty sure I sound like Charlie Browns teacher to her.

Miss America: Mom? When you get better and drive your kids around can you take me shopping?

Me: Liv, What do you want to buy?

Miss America: Clothes, you silly!!

Me: You don't need clothes

Miss America: Oh, yes I do....2 new outfit's heading my way...

Me: Your Silly..

Thank You Sarah From Slo Day Designs for not only creating and making her hair pretties to match each dress but for delivering them to me.

Visit SLO DAY DESIGNS you can custom order anything. She has amazing items, will match any outfit ( I send her pictures of the outfit I am trying to match) and her prices are Great! She offers an assortment of goodies!

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SLO Day Design

Awe...thanks Tiffiny! She looks adorable in everything! Love her shopping spirit! Just be glad you only have one girl! :)