Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday's Facts

Feeling defeated most days has left me not really wanting to blog. Today is a better day. Today I got up showered right away, put on make-up ( 4th time in almost amonth) and did my hair. Today I am on my own for afternoon. I have help come in the morning at 7:30 then another helper arrives in the afternoon. Today I am trying it on my own.

The pain down my legs seems to be improving over the last 3 days However at night it is still really bad, keeping me up. I think it is because I am in the same position for to long. I can't sit, stand or walk very long.

Thankful For:

So many things...The abilty to love on my children, husband ( poor guy needs to see my out of my pajama pants) and the many friends and family who have taken care of us over the last month.

The sunny days. Chocolate. Movies. Magazines. Coffee. Caller ID . My husband has a job. Loving role models for me, Jeremy and my kids.

Listening To:

Carter feeding the dog his chips then telling him (the dog) "NO!" "Not eat my Chipoles"

What's For Dinner:

I pulled one of the meals out that we were given from a friend ( Thanks Lesha!)What a blessing!!

Looking Forward To:

Driving again....I need to leave the house!

Quote of the week:

" Hand are for HELPING not Hitting "

What are your Friday Facts???

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